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I'm Mahmoud Hamdy, an Egyptian multidisciplinary Artist and Filmmaker based in Seoul, Korea. I have played several roles in the Art Scene & Creative industry in Egypt over the past 20 years. I have worked as Creative & Director with multinational agencies & film crews in Cairo, Dubai, Beirut, Cape Town, London & Seoul. Between my graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts and present day, I have joined Equinox graphics, the Publicis group office in Cairo, FP7/Cai part of McCann, and Dalton Maag London.

Graphic design is my second biggest passion after filmmaking, and it was never considered a stepping stone in my career, I'm a proud holder of this title to this day. Back in the early 2000s, I Co-founded FC studio aka file club (an independent experimental design boutique). In 2017, after I moved to S.Korea, I Co-founded Station Design studio, both studios are high-profile branding & type design studios. Throughout the years, my work has been recognised and published in various art and design books. And I have been invited as a guest speaker at several art & design universities around the globe from Cairo to Zurich, Bremen to Amsterdam.

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